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Chief Operating Officer


For David Emery, there is no greater business success than the creation of value—of something tangible that speaks to the hard work, ingenuity, dedication, and entrepreneurial spirit of an inspired team. A unique blend of creativity and commitment to time-tested business fundamentals, he is the architect of a leadership style that has helped move business forward within the rapidly evolving hospitality industry.


The trajectory of David’s career has woven through public and private companies, startups to Fortune 500 environments, growth and transformation. As he advanced into a C-level leader, he found the perfect mix of financial stewardship, investment management, enterprising growth strategy, business development, and collaboration in the world of hospitality development and management. This is where he excels today as a Co-founder and Principal of LeximaS. He concurrently serves as the Chief Investment Officer for InterMountain Management, LLC. David leads LeximaS in partnership with industry leaders, John Cantele and Kay Auer—a complementary collaboration serving institutional owners and other portfolio-focused clients. Leveraging their extensive industry experience, David, John, and Kay provide third-party management and underwriting services while also partnering. Drawing upon his background in capital and investment strategy as well as his analytical and negotiating strengths, David leads the company’s underwriting and asset management business.


In 2008, David was recruited to join InterMountain Management in a newly created role—Chief Strategy Officer and Director of Finance. In the midst of rapid growth, he played a pivotal role in the in-house development of company-owned projects (e.g., Marriott, Sheraton, Hyatt, Hilton, InterContinental, and other premium hotel brands).


David’s advancement into the role of Chief Financial Officer in 2012 created new opportunities for him to support the operating team’s efforts to improve flow through and predictability. Taking over leadership of an accounting and finance team, he changed the group’s perception of their value to the business, creating a value-added model that supported operators. His introduction of a flow-through model was at the foundation of an incentive program that strengthened predictability and efficiency while delivering significant top- and bottom-line impact. Also among his achievements as CFO was the due diligence, acquisition, growth, and successful sale of Quore Systems technology platform and the acquisition, management, and sale of Pillar Hotels & Resorts.


David’s transformation of the finance and accounting group also ushered the business into a new phase of forecasting and budgeting rigor, always with a focus on balancing client needs with optimal ROI. In partnership with a tech vendor, David delivered a proprietary, web-based, segment-driven revenue forecasting application that integrates with purchasing and scheduling platforms. His leadership of software development teams—heavily focused on agile project management methodologies—has been pivotal in automating decisions around flow-through, thus creating a proactive approach to P&L management. Against the backdrop of dramatic market fluctuations, David has flexed to address the changing needs of the business. He has continued to serve as a strategic advisor to company Founder, Dewey Weaver in the role of Chief Investment Officer.


Earlier in his career, David gained valuable experience within the financial services industry. Following an internship with Bank One (now JPMorgan Chase), he joined the company as a Commercial Banking Analyst and quickly advanced into the role of Vice President of Private Banking. In 2002, he was recruited to join Regions Financial as the Head of Commercial Real Estate Lending, North Louisiana, and Vice President. Over the next five years, he rebuilt the business and delivered record growth. Among his successes was the development of an affordable housing debt and equity practice in the Louisiana market and recognition as the region’s top-performing commercial lender.


David’s leadership contributions extend beyond his traditional business roles. In partnership with Volunteers for America, he led the development and management of a Section 42 tax credit project in Shreveport, Louisiana. He combined state and federal historic restoration tax credits with affordable housing tax credits to acquire and renovate a disused hotel built in 1916. The outcome of this joint venture is McAdoo Hotel —a facility that provides activities and supervision for adults with physical and developmental limitations.


David holds a B.S. in finance, with English and accounting concentrations, from Louisiana State University. He is currently the Treasurer for the Center for Children and Families in Monroe, Louisiana, as well as Treasurer/Secretary and Vice President-Elect of the Bayou Desiard Country Club. ​

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